TFTP Client

TFTP Client 4.2

Creates and enables configuration of FTP servers
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4.2.0 (See all)
Weird Solutions, Inc.
Work with data placed and extracted from FTP servers by establishing a custom one with the environment supporting tools for configuring the type of connection and managing connected devices. Multiple servers are created for telephoning remote printing, etc.

A rock-solid server with a venerable history, TFTP Turbo is used daily by thousands of companies and institutions worldwide. Whether you're configuring VoIP telephones, providing remote boot facilities or managing embedded devices, TFTP Turbo offers an unmatched set of features at a great price.
Includes full support for IPv6 as well as a complete set of professional documentation. Available for Windows and Linux.
-"On-the-fly" security and virtual roots* using powerful expressions
-Saves time by auto-creating folders*
-Manage file transfers in real-time
-Unlimited file sizes: no 16/32MB file size limitation
-Firewall-friendly: Uses only one data transfer port for all concurrent streams

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